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By Train

The nearest train station is Matsumoto Station on the JR Shinonoi Line.
Note: Please access the hospital through public transportation such as a bus (approximately 15 minutes) or taxi (approximately 10 minutes).

By Bus
  1. From Platform 1 of the Matsumoto Bus Terminal (located on the ground floor of ALPICO PLAZA), take the “Shindai-Yokota Junkansen” bus and get off at the “Shinshu Daigaku-mae” bus stop(approximately 15 minutes).
  2. Take the “Kitashinaisen bus (heading west)” from the “Oshiro-guchi” bus stop at JR Matsumoto Station and get off at the “Shindai Byoin Genkan-mae” bus stop (approximately 20 minutes).
By Taxi

The taxi stand dedicated for the hospital is located across from the front entrance.
It takes approximately 10 minutes from Matsumoto Station.
The following is a rough estimate of taxi fares (Current as of February 1, 2014)
Matsumoto Station......1,400 yen
Yamabe Branch......2,500 yen
Murai Station......3,700 yen
Nishikibe......4,300 yen
Toyoshina......4,800 yen
Hata......5,200 yen
Shiojiri Station......6,300 yen
Note: There may be some variation depending on the meter system.
Shindai Byoin Genkan-mae taxi stand.

By Car
  1. Approximately 20 minutes from the Matsumoto Interchange
  2. Approximately 20 minutes from Azumino Interchange (In the case of using National Highway 143)
  3. Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes when travelling from Ueda by way of the Misayama Tunnel.

About parking

Outpatients: After completing payment of your medical fee, please take your receipt, together with your parking ticket, to the service counter, where your parking charge will be adjusted.
All other visitors must pay the general parking fee.

Using the parking lot

The usage fees for the parking lot are provided in the table below. Outpatients are requested to bring their receipt for the day and their parking ticket to the “Parking lot numbered ticket processing corner” located on the ground floor of the outpatient care building once their payment has been settled. Visitors or those coming for an appointment are asked to pay the general

ClassificationFirst 30 minutesFrom 30 minutes to 1 hourFrom 1 hour to 24 hoursNotes
OutpatientsFree of charge200 yen After 24 hours, the fee will include an additional 100 yen for every 30 minutes (upper limit of 1,000 yen)
Note: This occurs every 24 hours.
Drop off or pick up when entering or leaving the hospital
General hospital visitor(Visitors or those coming for an appointment)200 yenAn additional 100 yen for every 30 minutes
(upper limit of 1,000 yen)
One-month pass4,200 yen-

The outpatient parking lot has enough parking spaces for approximately 700 vehicles. Please be aware that the number of outpatients may increase considerably depending on the day of the week, and this may cause inconvenience. We ask for your understanding and apologize in advance for any issues. Also, as the number of cars that can be accommodated by the parking lot is limited, we ask that visitors use public transportation insofar as possible.

  1. In cases where outpatients make use of the parking lot, the parking fee shall be 200 yen if they leave within 24 hours.
    Please bring your receipt for the day and parking ticket to the “Parking lot numbered ticket processing corner."
  2. In cases where family members who are bringing a patient to the hospital or picking them up use the parking lot for over 30 minutes, the parking fee will be 200 yen.
    Note: We presume that the patients will be riding in the same car as their family members, so this is applicable to one vehicle only.
    If you wish to use this discount, take your parking ticket and bring it to:
    ○Weekdays (8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) ⇒ “Admission and Discharge Reception Desk Number 8”
    ○On weekdays at times outside of the range listed above, or on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and during the New Year’s holiday period (From December 29 to January 3) ⇒ “Overtime Reception”
    Also, in cases where family members come to the hospital on the request of a doctor or nurse to hear an explanation on the patient’s operation or condition, they are requested to go to the “Hospital Ward Staff Station.”
  3. One-month Pass
    If you wish to obtain a one-month pass, go to the
    ○Weekdays (8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.) ⇒ Ground floor of the hospital ward, General Incorporated Foundation Shinwakai Office
    ○Saturdays, Sundays and holidays (8:30 a.m. to noon) ⇒ The management shed on the premises of Parking Lot 1 (at the north side of the entrance gate)
    and check the dates for the period of usage (one month) when you submit an application.
  4. Parking spaces for persons with disabilities
    There are 14 spaces in the outpatient parking lot for persons with disabilities.
    Regarding the use of these spaces, persons who use a wheelchair are given priority, so we ask for your cooperation and understanding.
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