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Fundamental Principles

Our mission as a University Hospital is to treat patients, educate medical staff and conduct research. While respecting the rights of our patients, we carry out advanced medical treatment and train the next generation of medical staff to possess an international outlook so that they can offer better medical service and care.

Shinshu University Hospital aims to:
  1. Offer medical treatment with great transparency and compassion, and to devote our efforts to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
  2. Support our patients so they can return to their positions in society.
  3. Contribute to the improvement of medical treatment and welfare in the community.
  4. Cultivate medical professionals with a rich sense of humanity, who understand both mental and physical suffering, as well as the value of life.
  5. Develop future medicine and medical treatments, and disseminate the results nationally and internationally.
Patient Rights
  • Patients have a right to receive the best possible treatment while keeping their human dignity.
  • Patients have a right to the fair receipt of appropriate, high quality medical treatment.
  • Upon receiving information and sufficient explanation about their condition, the course of treatment, and the prognosis, patients have a right to choose the course of medical treatment at their own will.
  • Patients have a right to seek disclosure of their medical records.
  • Privacy will be respected and personal information will be protected.
Regarding the comprehensive consent
Regarding the comprehensive consent
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